Chelsea FC have one hand on the Premiership!

2nd May 2010

Chelsea FC have one hand firmly on the English Premier League title after a dominant display at Anfield produced a 2-0 victory over Liverpool in what was widely cast as Chelsea's most likely stumbling block in the final few steps that remain of this season's Premiership path.
Coming in fresh from a thumping 7-0 win over Stoke City last week, Chelsea started firmly but cautiously until a Steven Gerard mis-hap of a pass back to Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina allowed Didier Drogba to intercept and knock nonchalantly over the line with around half an hour played. The pressure-release was noticeable as Chelsea then turned on a near faultless display of defending, passing and attacking for the remainder of the match, with a clinical Nicholas Anelka cross meeting the sliding shot of Frank Lampard proving to be the nail in the coffin with thirty minutes to go.
Captain John Terry will now lead his players into next week still needing a victory from their final game against Wigan to assure the title but knowing the real tough challenge is behind them. CaptureSport Australia will be making plans to create a 2010 Premiership-winning version of its Chelsea FC 'Shirt-On-Canvas' range to release should Chelsea go the full distance and bring the Premiership back to Stamford Bridge next week.