Northampton: Sport & The Recession

26th March 2010

Sports have been a mainstay in millions of people lives for many years. They are there when times are good and allow us to develop a passion for something. They are also there in bad times when we need a diversion for a few hours, to forget about those bad times if just for a little while.

From a personal perspective, I remember when Northampton was brought together by the winning the Rugby European Heineken Cup in 2000. All people in the town were united by their passion for the Saints and flooded the streets as the celebratory players bus drove by. Now in these times of financial crises the Saints helped the town in 2009 by winning the European Challenge Cup and this year continued to win the LV National Cup - Sports became an escape for many people and the impact of sport on the social scale is very important.

In these advances technological times, it is unusual for people to gather around a radio like they did in the 30's. In the age of instant information and high definition visuals, we tend to isolate ourselves to watch only with our families and close friends - unless of course you are those lucky enough to attend games!

CaptureSport is dedicated to the creation and production of modern, fashionable and artistic sporting media alternatives for major franchises and organisations, sports clubs and charities, and individual sports personalities. CaptureSport has been involved in a number of Northampton Saint's testimonials including Paul Grayson, Tom Smith & later on this year we are delighted to be working with Bruce Reihana.

If you are a Northampton Saints fan, we have a range of prints to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the magnificent Heineken Cup victory in 2000 & the European Challenge Cup win in 2009. Available as posters, frames and Official Limited Editions, please click here to view in greater detail.