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Point-of-sale material

Displays, stands, props and other presentation material can all be created and co-ordinated with the product to assist with in-store and exhibition-type sales. There are many options for POS items and we can discuss with you what will most effectively suit your needs.

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Product-useage imagery

We don't just send you the product and leave you to sell it! We can provide you with visuals and imagery for use in your promotion of the product - whether it's online or in-print. Imagery that shows the product 'in-use' are important for its customer perception, and we can create images for brochures, catalogues and website listings that show the product clearly.

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Animations and features

It is important to display the product in as clear a way as possible so viewers can understand the concept and see the level of detail that goes into the artwork. We can supply animations and features that help achieve this - tailoring them to your specific products.

Product-specific microsites

With our expertise in website and online systems, we can create micro-sites specifically to display and retail the products we produce for you. Micro-sites can include numerous promotional features and visual product presentations, as well as online sales systems for taking orders and receiving payments. We can work with you to create what you need!

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Brochures & flyers

Print advertising media such as brochures and flyers can be designed to help promote the product and gain orders and customer contact details. Essential in direct marketing and mailouts, as well as events and exhibitions, where you need to provide the customer with a clear visual of the products.

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Online 'banner' advertising

We can create links to drive traffic to your website and products. These 'Flash' links can be placed on your own site to promote the product to your viewers and can be added to the sites of any affiliates you may have in your distribution network. Full 'webstat' recordings of the number of 'clicks' and amount of user data can be kept for affiliate marketing purposes and payment calculations.

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