Our 'Shirt-On-Canvas' Range...

...the modern, fashionable & artistic alternative
to the framed shirt!

What is this product?

The ‘Clubs-On-Canvas’ concept takes the life-sized image of a player‘s, team’s or club’s recognised playing shirt and transfers it to canvas in a way that produces an authentic and realistic look. It then surrounds the shirt image with a background collage of action shots to create the artistic and vibrant appearance, and finishes the print by mounting it to a three-dimensional wooden block or frame.

The product can be produced for any player or any team and is ideally suited as a retail item due to its affordability in comparison with the traditional framed shirt.

In addition to high volume online or megastore retail, the ‘Clubs-On-Canvas’ product can also be sold as a premium-priced memorabilia item with player signatures, thus making it an ideal new and innovative fund raising product.


Other versions...

Other Clubs-On-Canvas Designs

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